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What Are You Thankful For?

Shaundell and Jesse share conversation highlighting what you are thankful for!


This episode focuses on REALationships and shares the difference that insuring that all of your relationships with others are REAL, authentic and adds vulnerability is the key to living into the best REALationships!

Relationship Comfort Featuring Sheree Hunter

Relationship Comfort Featuring Sheree Hunter - This episode explores the challenges when we become too comfortable within our close relationships. The closer we are to others we often get very comfortable within those relationships and we begin to take them for granite that they will always be there. Even when we lose respect, care, attention to detail, honor our promises, say thank you and please, we still think they will be there. It is a form of entitlement that ultimately crashes our important close relationships. This concept was born from our JessTalkisms. A JessTalkism is a new or unique way of looking at important or interesting matters.

"Practicing The Art of Communication"

Special Guest Alex Bybee - Director Of Development For Community In Schools "Practicing The Art of Communication" helps others learn how, when and why to communicate more effectively with self and others! We reveal sensitive challenges faced by self and others regarding why effective communication is essential for building great relationships!

"Fatherless Daughters"

This episode focuses on daughters that grow up without their fathers and the impact it has on their lives.

Navigating Business Through These Tumultuous Times

Navigating Business Through These Tumultuous Times features Guy Martin, President of Martin Harris Construction. Guy shares his wisdom with you and how they have remained successful in business over many years simply by living their promise...."Building People Before Projects"

"Walking In The Footprints of Fame"

This episode hosts our special guest, Craig Knight talking about walking in the footprints of fame. Craig is the son of Bubba Knight, a former Pip from Gladys Knight & The Pips. Gladys is the aunt of Craig Knight and this powerful family continues the legacy of doing great things through Craig Knight, the General Manager of KCEP 88.1 Radio in Las Vegas

The Worst News I've Heard About Ahmaud Arbery

This episode focuses on the the challenges of dealing with hate crimes, racial profiling and race matters. Stay tuned to hear what the murder victim Ahmaud Arbery's mothers says about the national attention that brought her son's violent murder into the media spotlight!

How To Survive & Thrive Living & Working With Your Spouse

This episode shares the best foundational principles to help you work and live well with your spouse!

Breakthrough The Challenges of Today & Tomorrow

This episode offers recommendations of how we can breakthrough our current global challenges today and preparing for a better future. Tune in and savor the real life experiences shared by Jesse and Shaundell.

Leadership In These Uncertain Times

This episode focuses on what we can do as leaders to help others during these uncertain times. Our special guest is commissioner Lawrence Weekly.

Hospitality Role Models & Legends

Larry Lewin, Hotel & Casino Gaming Consultant share a great conversation with Jesse Ferrell about his role models and legends in the hospitality industry! Tune in and catch the best nuggets from this program

5 Little Known Black History Facts

Featured guest Michelle Johnson shares our podcast stage with Shaundell Newsome, Jesse Ferrell and our Facebook Live audience. They offer great insights to the 5 little known black history facts. This is a very exciting episode.

Psychological Effects of Growing Up Without A Father

This episode features Shaundell Newsome a Marketing Expert, Vital Germaine a former Cirque du Soleil performer & Jesse Ferrell an International Speaker & Master Success Coach. We focus on the challenges other have growing up without a father. They tend to manage challenges such as depression, suicide, eating disorders, obesity, addiction-formation, difficulty holding onto loving relationships. There is a lot of vulnerability shared in this episode by all 3 of these men.

Decade In Review

Decade Review - talks about the milestones encountered in the past 10 years.

Brothers & Conversations